Week of Prayer for Church Unity - "United in Prayer"

Ascension Day – 30 May to Pentecost 9 June

Prayer Material for this time of Prayer Unity:

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The Church Unity Commission is comprised of denominations that covenanted to search for organic structural union thereby realizing a united church in South Africa.

About the CUC

In 1970 the Commission proposed a Declaration of Intention to Seek Union which was adopted by all the member churches and celebrated in Services of Commitment to the Search for Union on 24 November 1974.


The Church Unity Commission has a long history of uniting those who workship our Lord.


In March 2011, the Central Committee of the resolved to focus the work of the CUC within the frame of 5 trajectories


Office of the Secretary General: Rev KM Sikawu Makubalo

021 712 8609 (8am -1pm) | sg@churchunitycommission.org

16 Lowlands Ave, Tokai, 7945