Report to the Church Unity Commission

On Work Done on Hearings and Places of Hope by P Verryn August 2016- February 2017


The work of hearings has continued to grow and develop over the past six months.  Regular engagements take place in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KZN, Mpumalanga, North West and the Western Cape.

The work continues to engage a wide range of stakeholders including government, communities, the private sector, and increasingly representatives of the diasporas from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.


Work continues with the communities near EMalahleni which are adversely affected by coal mining activities.  Very serious issues relating to the pollution of air, water and soil continue to be raised and addressed. Anglo Coal remains engaged  in the work.

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The most substantial work has taken place in KZN over recent months. This work is driven by different stakeholders and includes: Ongoing work through the Diakonia Council of Churches and Denis Hurley Institute for Reconciliation to address the trauma experienced...

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Orange Farm Regular meetings are held with different representatives of the communities of Orange Farm, Palm Springs and increasingly some members from the Vaal. A wide range of issues have emerged during this work including access to title; municipal debts;...

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Representatives of the Anglican, Catholic and Dutch Reformed Churches continue to explore the issues of fatherless children, and the struggles ex offenders face when re-entering communities. Substantial counselling and trauma work was also undertaken towards the end...

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Eastern Cape

Partnerships continue with several stakeholders including the Project for Conflict Resolution and Development, a network of ministers in Port Elizabeth and there is a growing relationship with the mulwanas in PE.  Further, work continues in partnership with the four...

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Western Cape

This chapter meets regularly and consists of a wide range of stakeholders. These include representatives from universities, churches and members of the social work and psychological disciplines. Work with communities affected by forced removals in District Six, Ocean...

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