Prof Tinyiko Maluleke facilitated the discussion, Prof John de Gruchy preached and church heads con-celebrated. In the service Dr Mvuyo Tom, Dr Donald Cragg and Dr Itumeleng Mosala spoke about Theological Education. The service took place in St Mary’s on the Fort Hare University campus – the site of FEDSEM until its expropriation in 1973. Whilst Dr Tom was still Vice-Chancellor at Fort Hare , he organised all the logistical support for the event. The Rev Vukile Mngxuma arranged, with the Ministers’ Fraternal, for catering for the event.

Prof Maluleke introduced the discussion as per the format of the previous day. The following reflect the thoughts of the event:

  1. There is a fragmentation of theological education.  Some churches have the resources to go it alone.
  2. There is a crisis of leadership which is related to theological training.
  3. The ANC’s policy of non-racial, non-sexists democracy has not delivered in over 20 years.
  4. Social cohesion and standards of leadership are big issues.
  5. Ethics. What is happening from our pulpits and what insights do our people receive on corruption.
  6. Commercialisation of religion. We are in the era of Doom Healers, U-tube Bishops and Prophets.
  7. Ecumenism of Crisis. Forces us together.
  8. We need to link our ecumenism to the grassroots.
  9. Critical Solidarity

10 Universities and Churches want and need ecumenical education.

11.Ideologies of scarcity and abundance.

  1. The CUC must bring churches together in Universities. The CUC must formalise links with the Universities. Churches have a critical role to play in ensuring integrity of qualifications.

13.Reporting back to all structures must be done.

14.Teaching children